Saturday, November 29, 2014

Unity and Coherence Paragraph: Sexism in Children's Toys

The toy you are going to buy is a sexist toy, a toy that perpetuates stereotypical gender roles and discrimination they entail. The toy industry creates different products for girls (those related to the world of home care and fashion) and boys (those that refer to public space: sport, construction, war, etc.), showing it as a natural thing, being a cultural construction: the separation of male and female world. Moreover, this is nothing more than a marketing strategy of large companies to secure their benefits. 
Toys convey a conservative, an obsolete ideology. It is not "natural" that girls play with dolls in order to prepare to be loving or attractive women mothers. Nor is natural in boys compete with others, struggling to impose their rules or playing to conquer lands and kill its habitants. The sexist imagery that promote most toys is consolidated through a variety of materials; colors, shapes and sizes, and symbolic, for example the language used to advertise feminine toys is sweet and tend to be loving and use diminutives expressions. Even those toys that seem to be not directed to a specific genre, such as puzzles, often have their female version. Besides the division of roles, children learn the different assessment that society makes them: everything related to "feminine", in this case toys for girls, is devalued and relegated to a second level, behind of the "masculine".
How can we create an egalitarian society by educating new generations discriminatorily and by buying sexist toys? How do we pretend of avoid eating disorders in adolescents if a few years ago were playing with barbies skeletal and unreal? How to complain about youth violence if parents give children toy guns? The worst barrier that children face is marked bounded by the cultural stereotypes of their parents. Today's games are the behaviours of tomorrow. I leave here the link of an interesting video about this: Toy Ads and Learning Gender

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Caribbean Mystery, Agatha Christie

"Take all this business about Kenya," said Major Palgrave. "Lots of chaps gabbing away who know nothing about the place! Now I spent fourteen years of my life there. Some of the best years of my life, too." (...) An elderly man who needed a listener so that he could, in memory, relive days in which he had been happy. Days when his back had been straight, his eyesight keen, his hearing acute.
This is the introduction of my favorite book: A Caribbean Mystery of Agatha Christie, my favorite writer as well. It costs me a lot to find what I consider a good book, it has to be very special. It has to be mysterious, intriguing and romantic at the same time. Books that leave some kind of emptiness in your soul after read them. Perhaps I'm asking too much but I have found this type of genre on Agatha Christie's novels. When reading her books, I feel like I would like to be some of the characters or I would want to live in the time where the course of the novel is being carried out. When I was 10 or 11, I started writing tales, a lot of tales, and I wanted to become in a writer. I used to write mysterious and scary stories and I won some contests at school. When my mom saw that I showed interest in this type of genre, she recommended me Agatha Christie and since then she is my favorite writer. I will post some of my stories, I have all of them in a trunk, still don't know why I stopped writing, maybe the lack of time or maybe I realized that a writer's life is not easy... Anyway, I'll keep on writing because it is one of my passions, of my asleep passions.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Introductions and Conclusions: Twitter

Someone said: '' The Internet is written in pen not pencil''. Twitter is a social network really useful. It allows us being informed about the latest news we are interested in, we have the freedom of sharing tweets with the people we want to, and we can participate on the worldwide current topics. However, is this freedom or debauchery? Some people take advantage of the anonymity to publish stuff without thinking and without knowing the repercussion and hurt of this can cause.
Twitter is a great tool. Twitter allows you to communicate directly with a large groups of people. There, you can post whatever you want to, nevertheless, some people do not think about the possible consequences. It is becoming in a disrespectful tool for these people. You can not express yourself because it is possible that you receive a non constructive critique. This wouldn't happen if we respect other people's thoughts. What's more, there's a kind of bullying right there. Some people use their anonymity to send tweets (especially to famous people) to persons whom don't like and say ugly things to them taking advantage of they may not read it, so all in all, this is a cowardice act. This people should take care and think twice what are they going to publish, because this is not the first time a person has been following by the police and has been arrested due to their comments on the social network. These persons have to learn to respect. I don't mean someone can't receive a comment on their tweet, but a constructive comment, and a disagreement should not lead to a fight but a debate. Moreover, it is convenient to know that if we don't have a private account, everybody can see our tweets, so that's another reason to be cautious.
To sum up, Twitter is a free tool, apparently, but we should take more care than we think. We must respect each tweet, and if we see a tweet which seems to us hurtful, instead of  making a tweet fight, there's a bottom called ''report tweet'', we only have to click it and the owners will check it and take measures. Thus, there will be real freedom and we will avoid debauchery, that makes the social network dangerous and unreliable. But until we all don't be aware of this, we'll keep on that way.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Outline An Essay: Tolerance

I. Today, more than ever, kids interact with people of different ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Parents should help their kids prepare to live, learn, and work in communities that will become even more diverse. We have to accept someone for who they are and not try to change them to fit your idea of "perfect". Teaching tolerance is important because the person who learns to be open to differences will have more opportunities in education, business, and many other aspects of life.

II. Your life expands.
     A. You start to "travel" to unknown spaces, and experiment with unexplored territories. You can like those places so you will be out of ignorance because you will know that exist more beautiful countries apart of yours, and as a result, you will be more open-minded.
     B. Intolerance limit yourself. You are limited to one belief, one way, one trail of thoughts, one reference, one aspect, one approach, one understanding, etc. But, when you are tolerant, you have many more viewpoints of all.

III. It increases the capacity of your intelligence and culture.
     A. As you are no longer restricted in extent or scope, or confined within any kind of narrow space anymore, illumination comes into your mind, visions and many inner doors start to open.
     B. The world is full of diversity, and that is the beauty of our universe. If there had not been any diversity, the world would appear boring and unattractive, and without any competition. So if you know more about the world, your brain learns something new and as consequence, you will get bigger capacity and culture.

IV. Tolerance avoid fights and misunderstandings.
     A. Lack of tolerance leads to fighting, violence, and finally it destroys the peace and security of society. When people fail in their arguments they become intolerant, and then they use force and aggression to support their point of view.
    B. We have seen considerable incidents in recent history where, because of lack of tolerance, people have attacked people of other faiths, their places of worship, their communities. How nice it would be if everyone tries to express himself in a decent and respectful way with tolerance.

V. In short, success depends on it. Success in today's world, and tomorrow's, depends on being able to understand, appreciate, and work with others. Tolerance is needed in all spheres of life, and on every level and on every stage, because it plays a vital role to establish peace and love, from the smallest unit up to the highest unit of society. The right of every human being that his sensibilities and sentiments shall not be violated and offended must be recognised. And every human person has the right to have an opinion and to express it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Linkin Park

I love music, it is my great passion. I am almost all the time listening to music, rock mostly, but I am a very open-minded person and I like to find new music (I also listen to M83, a French electronic music band from Antibes, France, or White Lies). I do not criticize anything without knowing about it. Anyway, I feel like talking about my favorite band, Linkin Park. Formed in 1996 for Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn and Mark Wakefield (the last one renounced due to the few success at first and Chester Bennington [the main vocalist] will incorporate to the band a little bit later). Linkin Park is a rock band from Agoura Hills, California. They achieved international fame with their debut album Hybrid Theory in 2000. They have a great and emotive story behind what they are nowadays, each band member is unique, singular. In special Chester Bennington, who has suffered hard stages during his life but he kept on running. But I admire them a lot because they are an example of fellowship, effort and friendship. Also, they are super kind with their fans, and through different ways they give us opportunities to see them live and get merchandise and many more things. What to say about them, if there's no words to describe the huge love I feel for them... I think everyone who loves a band as much as I do understand my feelings. I discovered them some years ago, and I knew that it would be my favorite band forever. They have an original style, meaningful lyrics that take me to places in my mind I just never want to leave. I love each album, they innovate and create something new, they do not stay stagnant at a particular thing or genre, and I love it. Two of my happiest days of my life were when Mike favorited my tweet and when Chester (with Stone Temple Pilots) answered me a question through a video haha. I hope to see them live soon...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thesis Statement: Gun Ownership

If we visit some houses, we will probably find a weapon. However, most of this people do not know about the danger of having a gun, and if you ask them why they have it, they will answer just for defend oneself. Perhaps, it could be a reason but behind this argument, hides a huge problem that should be eradicated.
Many Americans in the United States have a big trouble with this big controversial topic, for example. They have weapons in their houses and have happened a lot of accidents and scares. There have been cases of kids who have been playing with guns and have died. What is more, kids should not being growing up with weapons in their environment, and parents are the guilty of this situation. Moreover, a lot of gunfire have been produced since the legalization of weapons in this country. It is said that if they were not allowed, some people would buy them through illegal trade, but anyway, the number of deaths would clearly decrease. In 2011 died in that country more than double the number of people victims of terrorist attacks worldwide and they were the main cause of death in US.
It might be understandable that someone would like to have a gun in his/her house for defend oneself, but it creates a society of fears, of distrust, of panic. In addition, kids learn what we teach them, if he/she see his/her parents in that way, kids will do the same and as a result, there will not be a social progress. If we all would teach our kids with love and showing the goodness of people, there will not be any problem, but maybe this is a little bit far of the practice. In any case, all these values must be reached since the childhood by thinking in the kindness of people, although it can leads to disappointments, but there is not other option.
In brief, we have to give a vote of confidence in the society, and ban weapons because it only leads to violence. We have the moral obligation of doing a better world, and having guns in house is not the solution. And as Nelson Mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Práctica 1 (First Práctica Evaluable)

I love travelling to unkown places and countries but many people refuse this idea. People usually travel to the same cities which always are crowded and hotels are fully booked. That is good, but I prefer travelling to other zones like Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia or India. I reckon that people don't know about these places or they are afraid due to the lack of information. All these countries offer tradition and modernity so we can visit them and learn how other people live and enjoy with the latest modern tendencies. Added to this, from my viewpoint, we can change of scenery and hear the chants from the mosques that make the streets have an air of mistery, or walking for the crowded markets or forests of Pagodas... These activities are very different from the ones that we usually do, and the landscapes. I don't mean that people shouldn't visit places such as New York, Paris or London, of course they should, but as far as I'm concerned, this type of places offer the same that our city, different monuments, history, museums but all are things that we are over informed. However, countries like Vietnam or Indonesia maybe don't offer material things but spiritual things that we could stood open-mouthed. To sum up, I would invite people to visit these countries and that they stay open-minded and having no fear to the unknown because they can lose wonderful places and the goodness and hospitality from other countries.