Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time to look back and reflect on the happenings of the year. In 2014 there were wars, shootings, natural disasters, financial crisis, there was an Ebola outbreak, unemployment, famine, etc. And most of them will keep on persisting, unfortunately. The media focus on the bad news almost all the time because it is what prevails. Maybe the summaries of 2014 make us hope for a better, more peaceful 2015? Anyway, good things happened in 2014 though. Babies were born everyday, students graduated high school and college, somebody was the jackpot winner, we spent time with our loved ones, people who were sick got better; in Poland, for instance, a paralyzed man re-grew nerve connections that let him walk again. But thinking about ourselves, what good and bad things happened to us? Personally speaking, it has been a year of decisions, important changes, but as all in life, everything goes for better. I have passed for very good moments this year, also bad moments but I prefer to forget them and learn from mistakes and remember the good ones. Today is a day for wondering things in order to enhance ourselves next year, we do promises that probably we will break so let us think day by day, so do not believe all the things you tell yourself late at night. As it is said, ''a goal without a plan is just a wish''. Time passes, people appear and others disappear, because in the end, we chose, and everyone chooses their lives, although we think not. The nicest people have their limits and everything falls apart, even the people who never frown eventually break down. But today is a special day to reflect and celebrate the beginning of a new year, 2015. Sometimes we are tired of everything but we just need a break to figure everything out, so dream it, believe it, achieve it. Life is a gorgeous, broken gift. Six billion pieces waiting to be fixed, so do not waste it and let us live to the fullest. As soon as the ball drops, it’s a clean slate, a new beginning, a new year. We made it through a tough day and had a better day the next.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Práctica 4 (Fourth Práctica Evaluable)

Someone said: ''The Internet is written in pen not pencil''. Most of the people is in favour of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, but I wonder, are social networks a way of expressing our feelings with freedom or debauchery? Some people use these tools in a harmful way, without knowing the repercussion and danger that a simple message can have.
Twitter, for example, can be an useful tool, but only if we know how to use it. Many people right there have suffered bullying because someone has not respected or share his /her opinion. Moreover, thousand of ''tweets'' are sent each second against things these haters do not like, I mean, there are people that take advantage of being anonymous to mess with other, for example famous people, providing they might not read their tweets, they start to send unrespectful messages. Thus, this is a manner to spread hate and damage the people to whom those tweets are sent. I reckon that if you do not like something, you do not have to mess with the people who does. I do not mean that somebody can not receive a comment against something, but it should led to a debate, not to a fight, and as far as I'm concerned, almost all the time the second one is prevalent to the first one.
What's more, people must know that if they do not have a private account, their tweets can be seen by everybody and it is not the first time I've seen on the news that someone has killed himself/herself because their pictures were being spread in the social network.
To conclude, people should take care of what they publish and the danger it entails. Twitter is not bad but the people in there, not all, fortunately. I do not mean that people should not have an account, of course they should, but, they have to be counscious that no everybody is tolerant. I would recommend Twitter if each one of us would be respectful and, if we start to act in an adequate way, for example, delete an account if we have seen ourselves in a mess, and not keeping fighting with the person(s) who are messing with us. Until that moment, I wouldn't recommend it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Práctica 3 (Third Práctica Evaluable)

Racism is part of the human history, unfortunately. Since the world's creation, many people has had to suffer the consequences of xenophobia, by people who consider themselves better than others, people who do not understand that we are entirely equal and that it does not exist a culture or a race superior to other one. Racism is a problem that reduces the possibility of development and it also increases feelings such as hate and refuse. Xenophobic people must understand that we all deserve the same rights and opportunities and that nobody choose the country the are born, that nobody belongs to a country but to a piece of land.
One solution to avoid racism would be to start thinking that our ideas or our opinions are hipothesis not truths. We have different thinkings and we have to respect each one although we do not agree. In the past, fights were delivered when there were disagreements but we are in the XXI century, so we are supposed to have advanced. For economies to flourish, we need open-minded people, so these people have to change their mind. However, this is not the first step to avoid racism because perhaps there's another one more important. The other solution would be to bring up our kids with values such as equality, tolerance and respect. Nobody is born hating, nobody is born xenophobic, people learn to be xenophobic because their environment is completely full of pollution. Thereby, parents must teach their kids that we are all people, human beings who have feelings and that everybody has to be treated with the same respect. If we teach our kids these values, we will live in a world where the same rights are established, where we have the same opportunities in education, business and in life basically. Personally, I have heard people who did not consider theirselves racists but that have recognised to have teated in a different way people depending on the country the came from. This is racism too, some kind of asleep racism, so we have to avoid that as well. If we follow these steps, there will not be racism anymore.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We are almost on Christmas and with it, we are closing 2014 to give way to 2015. This year has been one of the most important years of my life, for not saying the most important. We have finished an era to start a new one, completely different. And I feel so blessed for being writing this post right now, because that means that I have fulfilled the requirements we were demanded to study the degree we wanted to, and in my case, English Studies, so my dream came true, as I said in my first post. Second Bachillerato has been a hard course but in the end, now it is part of my memories. All in all, 2014 has been a year of great emotions; stress, pressure, tears, excitement, achievement... Now, we are in December and we have to study a lot for the final exams of this semester, but we must stay strong and positive because time flies, and without we realize, we will see ourselves ending what we started just three months ago.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Charles Chaplin

Today has been an important day because my mates and I, Susi, Carmen, Lidia and Carmen María have had to do a presentation about Charles Chaplin for Culture Contemporary project. I have been very nervous the whole day but in the end everything has been alright. For the display, we have worn a black trousers and jacket, a white t-shirt, a bowler hat and a moustache, both made of cardboard, very typical in Charlot. We have had half an hour to explain Charles Chaplin's biography, films, curiosities etc. And additionally, we have shown a silent clip that we had done for this day and it is about a critique to the government which is trying to leave us the students without resources and many other kind of things (...). Sincerely, I have had a very good time with the preparing of this project, because my friends and I have laughed a lot and, undoubtedly, today has been a day to remember.

Práctica 2 (Second Práctica Evaluable)

Gun Ownership

I. If we visit some houses in the United States, we will probably find weapons, and if we ask why they have one, they might answer just for defence oneself. But they do not have idea of the gravity and the social repercussion that this fact has. If we continue on that way, there won't be a humanity progress.

II. Legalization of guns in US
   A. Legalization of weapons in the United States is increasing the number of gunfires in that country. In 2011 died more people due to different types of deaths because of the weapons posession than deaths due to the worldwide torrorism. And also a lot of incidents and pranks.
    B. If the sell of weapons were forbbiden, the number of deaths crearly would dicrease and although you could buy them by illegal trade, people would not want to receive a penalization for it.

III. Childhood
   A. It is not the first time that we hear on the news that a kid has died because he/she was playing with a gun. Parents are the guilty ones of this situation because they do not know about the gravity of a gun.
   B. Kids should not grow up with weapons around because this leads to violence and as a result, the kid starts losing his/her goodness so we won't have a social progress.

IV. Humanity progress
   A. If we keep on buying weapons, we are creating without we realize a society of fear, panic, a dangerous society. Because if we teach our kids to believe in people (if we all do that), inmediately we could see the huge change.
   B. Defencing ourselves is not the answer of having a gun, or a reason, this is not a good value for the world we want for our children. That is an answer of not confidence in our world and I know there are a lot of reasons for not to believe but we have the moral responsability of starting to change.

V. In a nutshell, we must be conscious of the gravity of having a weapon in house and not only this, but the society we are making without we realize of it. If we take measures to avoid this, I'm sure we will live in a safe world.