Friday, February 13, 2015

Grateful and Inspired

So the first term of the academic year has finished and, thank God, I have passed all the subjects - that it has been very important to me in order to keep studying harder. And of course, Prácticas de Redacción en Inglés. This subject and naturally Reme, have helped me a lot to develop my English. I am very grateful of having had such a great teacher. Writing in this blog has been very useful to me and it has been a good way of expressing my feelings. Thus, I will keep on posting.
Today, I will share two videos that I have just watched because Professor María José of Lengua Inglesa II has just uploaded on the web and I really like them. One of them is about electronic devices consequences and the other one is about following our heart. I really like them because are very inspiring. Check them out!: