Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm way up I FEEL BLESSED!

Yeah it's been a long minute, let me break it down if ya'll still with it! *sings ''Welcome'' by Fort Minor*. So last June 15th my first year of classes at university finished and, thank God, I passed all my subjects without having to do any second-chance examination. Still can't believe this year is already over, I remember my first day at university as if it were yesterday, getting into 2.2 classroom... I found myself alone surrounded by unknown people but I knew it was the starting point of something big. *GUTS OVER FEAR* Anyway and taking up my words, I feel so happy and blessed because I love this degree and without hesitation, it meets my expectations, because I want to get better at this by working hard and enjoying while learning. I've liked all the subjects I've had to study, each one was very interesting, and I carry with me good memories from all of my teachers as well. Regarding my classmates, I've met really good people so I can consider some of them friends of mine. I can summarize this year as a season with many changes at a personal level. It is a year that despite my seniority studying, I faced the illusion of a beginner. And well, now I'm just chilling practicing some hobbies and preparing myself mentally for the next year. Finally, if I'm able to fight laziness, I'll keep posting, LOL!