Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nobody But You

Cover of our novel, Nobody But You
Hey guys, what's up!?

I feel so happy and proud to present you all ''Nobody But You''! ''Nobody But You'' is a novel, a fictional story which is being written by my friend Carmen María and me. It not only is a novel or a fan fic, for we use real names of people and places, but also a special project for us since it is our very first novel together, and that is so exciting because never before have we written a story with anyone else. What is more, we are writing about Vic Mensa, an American rapper from Chicago who we both love; his music, charisma and social and political commitment. I shall introduce you a little bit Vic Mensa. As you already know, Vic Mensa is a rapper, and founder of the hip-hop collective Savemoney. Vic Mensa's lyrics have powerful meanings and unlike many other artists who prefer to turn a blind eye, he speaks real shit. Real stuff, injustices, racism, especially in the US against the black community, inequality. But above all, he wants to send us a message of HOPE. Because there is always hope cause' There's Alot Going On.
Vic Mensa's letter on

We really hope that you enjoy reading this novel as well as we are enjoying writing it. You can follow this story and updates on Wattpad, on my friend's Wattpad profile @Gatadeluna ( You can also follow me @soldiersara and ask me whatever you want to know about this project. Finally, I leave you with ''Nobody But You'' book trailer which made entirely my friend Carmen María with much love. I hope that you like and do not be surprised to see Vic Mensa as the next breakthrough young artist from Chicago, but you better "savemoney" because he is focused on churning out insane music and bringing the rest of Hyde Park with him to the top.